DateNameNand BackupReason
26/08/2016sans0serifNo[:)]Shorted out NAND pins while soldering hardmod
25/10/2016Demon1764No*Installing Monster Hunter 3 update to sysNAND using Wupinstaller y-mod (has disc)
30/10/2016Garrett1234Yes[:)]Installing sysconfig tool to sysNAND by mistake using Wupinstaller y-mod
10/11/2016NexoCubeNO *Editing system.xml on sysNAND attempting coldboothax ( ) :) I now have a new WiiU fwiw :)
14/11/2016KeizelYes Editing system.xml on sysNAND attempting coldboothax (brain age on USB)
15/11/2016Anibal PachecoNOI thought i had transfered brain age into my system memory but it was still in my usb. I was trying to do the coldboothax.
15/11/2016Exavoid???attempting coldboothax , I think it was because I installed the "Haxchi title" on USB where It should have been on NAND.
23/11/2016PietempgbaNoAttempting coldboothax, haxchi title was improperly set up. Extra Notes: I Now have a new WiiU
29/11/2016Hikari06Yestried to inject some custom SSL certificates to spoof the Nintendo Network . attempting to repair... with hardware dumping techniques
29/11/2016wg93589YesTried to replace the internal fw.img on sysNAND (fails cause it needs to be signed)
10/12/2016Brothority???Installed Coldboot Haxchi and then failed to follow the instructions set out dont touch your DS title after you have run cbhc
18/12/2016monkeyman4412yesremoved the contents of mptslc01 from vwii... User has since repaired his console. No longer Bricked. Left in list for the record.
24/12/16lucasbNoThis person set up CHBC using Brain Training, and then within a CFW, binge-installed a bunch of pirated games, one of which was Brain Training. As such, his CHBC was overwritten, and because there was no legitimate signature, his console kept trying to boot into an unsigned title without signature patches. Full brick.
28/12/2016FRITZINATORNOI have tried to install the coldboot method and when I tried to make a secondary haxchi.
20/1/2017KeyloggerYesFormatted with CBHC installed, thus removing the DS VC that was being used.
07/02/2017s0ul1984??Installed CBHC over non legit DS title... (should have purchased it off eshop)
27/02/2017Seliph??Installed cbhc using non legit ds title... didnt fully read guides provided.
27/02/2017Dengekiko??Restored it with coldboot hack cuz i was being stupid and didnt forgot about the xml shit
14/03/2017eteles??Just bricked my Wii trying to update CBHC to 1.6... Probably corrupted update files...
04/03/2017Carlos_DobleC??Failed to install haxchi before cbhc to test it works ok .. errored installed cbhc ..oops
12/03/2017Haseo13??my wii u brick after install cbhc.Not boot up show error 160-0101.
18/03/2017WiiKiingno I foolishly CBHC installed cold boot to an out of region vc game. When booting i now get the error.
18/04/2017randy5061NOInstalled CBHC to non legit DS title. yet another one !!
08/05/2017Kanters84NoInstalled CBHC accidently on the wrong DS game, which wasnt legal :S
11/05/2017NexTheWizard??No real clarity as yet but it does seem like the user has CBHC over a non legit title.
12/05/2017nooburgerYesFactory reset his wiiu with CBHC still installed...
21/05/2017konwel2k18???Didnt use legit game to install CBHC.. thanks to youtube.
01/06/2017Tokas???Error code synonymous with CBHC misuse although no facts are present currently.
01/06/2017muresNoFormatted wiiu with CBHC installed.
04/06/2017ssb4master???Non legit CBHC installation , using pirated DS title.
01/07/2017dann_???Factory reset the console without uninstalling CBHC.
17/07/2017daniel26150???Misuse of FTPii Everywhere... delete critical files.
19/01/2018nOOb2015noFormatted console whilst having cbhc installed...
~07/9/2017NotANullPointerYesWas poking some memory in the IOSU region and the nand got corrupted (probably the SLC partition)
02/04/2018mrjvs??I modified buy.js from the eshop and got denied access to the soap server while downloading a game. it somehow bricked
25/01/2019NexoCubeYESPlayed with FTPiiU when running on 3 hour sleep. Accidentally overwritten "Error OSv10" with the 5.5.1E Internet Browser

Q: Why does NAND backup matter?
A: With a NAND backup the Wii U brick may be recoverable via hard mod
Yes this is scary, but it's better to know than to not. Also, all causes are user reported, so take them with a grain of salt.
* = it's not clear why this bricks, hopefully some detail the user provided was wrong
[:)] = recovered / got new wii u

Yes we are going to try our best to keep this list up to date